Secure Vehicle Storage

Secure Vehicle Storage

CARGO Car Transport is pleased to offer a secure vehicle storage package to clients looking to house their vehicles at a safe, secure and discreet location. The vehicle storage facility provides each vehicle with a safe, dehumidified environment and a host of maintenance services and benefits designed to preserve your vehicle in mint condition.

We are able to pick the vehicle up using our safe covered car transportation services.

Whether you are looking to store your vehicle for a week, month or year, CARGO vehicle storage can help you!

Secure vehicle storage, maintenance and enclosed transport by CARGO car transport.

We understand that every vehicle is unique. Therefore, we examine every vehicle upon arrival and prepare it for the storage facility. This induction process allows our team to document every aspect of the vehicle, from arrival condition to any potential defects. With the process in place, all clients can have peace of mind from the outset.

  • Vehicle induction and examination – This is where our team record the condition of the vehicle prior to storage.
  • Unique vehicle record created – This is where we assign a unique record for the vehicle and tag the keys.
  • Details and protect – This is where our team will wash, dry and polish the vehicle. Additional protection to the steering wheel, seats and floor will also be applied.
  • Check all engine fluid levels, battery health and tyre pressures. This will prevent potential negatives that can occur with lengthy storage such as flat-spotting.
  • Brakes – discs and drums checked and cleaned prior to storage.
  • Drip trays used to monitor any potential fluid loss.
  • Soft protective covers used.
  • Battery conditioner applied and connected at all times.
  • Regular updates – We will document and photograph car and condition and liaise with the client every week, month, quarter or whatever is required.

All vehicles within our secure storage facility are detailed and maintained to the highest of standards.

Vehicle Storage Maintenance

Once the vehicle has completed the induction process, our team will move it to the storage facility. Our team will provide each vehicle with a range of daily, weekly and monthly checks and services such as;

    • Soft protective covers supplied and fitted to all vehicles.
    • Battery conditioner connected at all times and monitored daily.
    • Extensive daily checks carried out each morning and afternoon.
    • Drip tray inspected every 4 – 7 days.
    • Full vehicle service and engine test every 6 – 8 weeks. This service allows our team to check all engine fluids, tyre pressures and ensure all mechanical and electrical components within the vehicle are monitored and maintained by starting the engine and running the vehicle to temperature on a rolling road within the facility.

Our detailing services, paint correction and alloy wheel refurbishment are available within the package or as an additional extra. For more information, please contact us directly.

Should you have any questions regarding our secure vehicle storage, wish to arrange a visit to the facility or would like to discuss pricing, please contact us today on 07815 709604.

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